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Subject: The Elevator Encounter Chapter 5CHAPTER FIVE - HOME TOGETHER Ethan watched as the two boys formerly joined by insex 11
Sean sat together
on the couch that night. Jonny's face seemed to get paler and then more
lively with every word Andy spoke. He imagined that Jonny angel nude 14 was at conflicts
with himself, whether or not to dwell on the breakup or to just go ahead
and enjoy the new company he had found. But then something happened that
struck a note of fear in Ethan's heart. Jonny laid his head against Andy's
chest. "Wha-" Ethan whispered from his hiding place behind his room
door. He shook in rage and jealousy as Andy put his arm around Jonny's
shoulders and pulled him closer. "Should've never let him in" Ethan
Later that night, Ethan woke up to the sound of a loud "clunk" from
the hotel room behind him. "Lousy neighbors" he grumbled as he got out of
bed and used the restroom. Just as he came out, the light from the bathroom
shone through the door and hit the bed, Jonny had not come to bed. Ethan
dashed through the room's still open door. Outside, lay Andy with a gently
dozing Jonny on his chest. It seemed the two had found comfort in each
other, too much comfort. He walked over to his kitchen and turned on the
light. "Life sucks" He mumbled as he began making some hot chocolate to
soothe him. "H-hey" Ethan turned around to find Andy wrapped in a blanket,
and standing in the doorway to download video sex30 the kitchen. "Mind if I join you?" he said
as he pulled a chair out from under the table. "Um, sure, I'd love some
company anyway." Ethan lied. "So, how did you two meet?" Andy blurted
out. "Who?" Ethan pretended he didnt know what Andy was talking
about. "You, and Jonny" Andy asked, curiously. "Oh, well we met here,
in... an 1st time gay story elevator encounter" Ethan bloodhound gang mp3 vagina turned around handing a art lingerie 114
cup of hot
chocolate to andy before serving himself. "Oh, well you're really lucky, he
seems so... perfect. He's sensative, kind, cute, innocent..." Andy began,
but stopped to notice Ethan's hand shaking as petite tiny ass 01
his grip around his mug
tensed. "...and... totally in love with you." Ethan's grip relaxed. "Ethan,
do you know what I would do to find a boy like Jonny? I talked to him all
tonight, and as I did I started to wonder how Sean 3 some titty fuck
could ever cheat on him,
and then I felt b tight mp3
like... nothing. If there is such a boy as good as Jonny,
then what am I?" Ethan sat down, unsure of what to say. "Uh.." Andy sighed
as he took a sip of the hot chocolate. "It's okay, if you dont say
anything, I guess it's just some self revelation. You just take care of him
okay?" At this Ethan felt himself relax even more. "Uh-um E-Ethan?" The two
boys looked to the doorway to find Jonny standing there wrapped in another
blanket. "C-can I turn up the heat? It's a little cold for me." He asked,
sheepisly, and shivering. "Oh! sure, let me go raise it up a few degrees,
it's getting colder outside." Ethan got up and 3gp porn ru
adjusted the theromostat
which was next to Jonny. "Im sorry to make you do it but i dont know ho-"
Jonny yawned in mid sentence. "Jonny come to bed." Ethan said as Jonny
rubbed his left eye with his left hand and squinted into the bright kitchen
with his sleep filled eyes. "But what about An-" Jonny started. "Oh dont
worry about me" Andy quickly said before ushering the pair into the
"Lucky dog" Andy whispered to himself as he watched the two lovers
head into the bedroom. In truth, he was bothered by his failed relationship
with Sean, Also, he was envious that Ethan had found such a perfect boy.
He himself knew that if Jonny were on the market, he would have claimed him
on the spot. Yet, here he sat, in the kitchen sipping some hot chocolate,
looking at the now empty sofa-pull-out bed. "What am I going to do?" Andy
whispered to no one in particular. "At least there's always something to
look at" He whispered, gazing out the window into the busy nightlife. Andy
merely sat infront of the Television for the rest of the night, the
pull-out bed, once warm and welcoming, was now cold and desolate. The
sinking feeling of loneliness began to set in.
Inside the bedroom however, the two newly found lovers were
hugging. As they lay kids 12 inch bikes
on their sides, by instict Ethan placed his arms
around auburn rubber 536 Jonny's waist. "Wait..." Jonny said as Ethan came to his senses and
began retracting his arm. kids 10-14 porno "Stay, I... I'm cold." Jonny snuggled backwards
into Ethan and closed his eyes. "Stay warm" Ethan whispered in his ear, and
put his arm around Jonny, pulling him even closer.
The next day Ethan woke up with his arm flat against the bed,
Jonny... his Jonny had already woken up. During his morning session of
brushing his teeth, Ethan kept thinking about what would happen in his
hotel room while he was at work. Secretly he was still a little insecure
about leaving Jonny and Andy alone together. It wasn't that he didnt trust
Jonny, it was that he didn't fully trust Andy. "Hi!" Jonny ran up from
behind him, and hugged Ethan, inhaling his freshly washed body. "Morning"
Ethan said, spitting out the foamed toothpaste and rinsing his teeth. Ethan
relished the morning, as he was served breakfast by Jonny, who seemed to
have gotten all the more cuter and all the more sexier. Jonny looked as if
he himself had just gotten out of the shower, his beautiful blonde
surfer-bowl cut hair clumped together into natural amateur 04 small points that curved down
his head and formed little streaks of hair that almost covered his eyes. He
was still wearing his nightwear, a pure white nightshirt with soft white
cotton pants. "Hey" Andy said, walking into the kitchen and sitting down at
the table. "I was just watching some 1st time gay story TV." he said. After finishing his
coffee, Ethan stood up. "Time for me to go" he said, grabbing his suitcase
with all his cases. "Too bad the weekend just has to end." Andy said after
him as kids 12 inch bikes the door closed.
"It looks like its going to rain, that means its only going to get
colder tonight, when the initial humidity leaves." Andy said, in the middle
of the movie 12yr tgp
he and Jonny were watching. "Are you cold now?" he asked Jonny
as he noticed Jonny was 12yo sexpics quivering. "Uhm, no, just... a little scared."
Jonny shyly smiled. "Well, we are watching a scary movie, c'mon Ill keep
you safe." Andy said and moved over, putting his arm around Jonny. After
the movie ended Andy started to get off the couch only to realize Jonny was
still resting on him. The petite blonde had fallen asleep during the
movie. "I guess holding you're eyes shut for most of the movie does make
you tired huh?" he chuckled and sat back down, gently stroking Jonny's now
dry hair. "Oh how I wish you were mine." Andy whispered as he smiled and
gave Jonny a light hug, which caused Jonny to stir a little, mumbling
"Eth...an". "Lucky man" Andy sighed and gently laid Jonny on the couch
before standing up and walking to the window, gazing out at the many people
crowding the sidewalks. "Its amazing how something as hectic as that could
be in your world isnt it?" he asked the sleeping Jonny. "Yeah, it is." Andy
turned around to see Jonny sitting upright. "Sorry, I guess I fell asleep."
He scratched his head. "Its okay." Andy said and turned his attention to
the world outside again. "Andy, are you sure you're okay?" Jonny
asked. "Y-yeah, I guess I just need some time to think." Andy lied, the
last thing he wanted was to be left alone to "Think". "I guess we should
get some lunch huh?" Jonny asked, smiling, and obviously trying to lighten
the mood. "You're cooking?" Andy asked. "Maybe, or we could get porno 7 y.o. pretten
take out."
came the reply. After settling on ordering chinese take-out the boys waited
for the delivery to come, occupying themselves with inthecrack 142 sandra
card games and more
television. "Finally! Im starving" Andy jumped up from the floor when the
door rang. As the two pulled out the utensils and bowls, Andy couldn't help
but feel his want for Jonny increase. He smiled as Jonny ran back and forth
between the kitchen and living room, getting things he'd forgotten his last
trip. "Ow!" Jonny gasped and recoiled backward. "Are you okay?" Andy rushed
to his side. "I think, its just a small cut, I was trying to get the knife
to cut the steaks." Jonny said, his face wincing when he applied pressure
to the cut. "Let me see it." Andy held his hand out. "Im fine, really."
Jonny said, sucking his bleeding finger. "You're bleeding, last time I
checked thats not fine." Andy retorted. "Fine.." Jonny said, putting his
hand in Andy's. "It's a small cut, but not too serious. A boo boo in need
of a kiss eh?" He chuckled. "Um, yeah" Jonny chuckled back. It was then a
small idea popped into Andy's head, and he 3yo girl ass pics
bent down a little and kissed
Jonny's finger. "Um..." Jonny stuttered. Andy moved swiftly immediately
moving his head from Jonny's finger to his face, kissing him. "Mmh" Jonny
moaned as Andy pushed him against the wall. As the two boys made out
against the kitchen wall, Jonny dropped the rest of the utensils on the
floor and his hands were now laying limp at his side. Andy's hands however
had found their comfortable position around Jonny's waist and in Jonny's
hair. The two boys didnt come to their senses until a roar of thunder came
from the skies. Jonny was panting as he still leaned against the wall, Andy
looked at him, his blonde hair ravaged and his white pajama pants were
pulled 77 sunset strip dvds a little lower from where Andy had hugged him, revealing the boy's
light green boxers. "Um... I'm going to go find you a bandaid for that."
Andy rushed into the bathroom, not giving time for Jonny to say anything.
After a few minutes of awkward silence in the room, Andy walked out
of the bathroom where he'd been hiding to find Jonny sitting at Ethan's
work desk bandaging his finger. "Lets eat" He said, smiling as he noticed
Andy had come out. "Jonny... Im sorry. I just... I have to be honest,
there's just something about you... that... that I like. Something
that... I want." Andy said. es21 doujinshi "No no, you dont have anything to apologize
for, I mean... it was just a kiss right?" Jonny said, trying not to sound
so nervous, but failing. "But... I suppose some of it could be my fault
too, I should have stopped that 3gp phone porn downloads kiss in the middle, I mean... I have Ethan
now...God.. Im a horrible person." Jonny sighed as he sat on porno 60s
couch. "Well... we're both sorry then, but... er... lets eat now." Andy
said, picking up a bowl 14yo masturbate mpg and scooping some rice from out of the take out
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